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About Latex Shopping

Latex Shopping is a place where you find all the goodies and special lifestyle accessories to enhance your life with the beauty and the indescribable feeling of latex. If you ever thought about having latex a little more in you life on a high style and quality segment you might find you items here.

Since many years I life my passion for latex daily and without any restrictions. Latex is more than a material for me. It is passion and attitude to life. I love the perfection of latex when I wear it, the perfect gloss on my body and the feeling on my skin.

From this passion I started modeling. My selection of fine art prints are just a small part of my modeling work for

While my photo shootings I noticed very often that there is a leak of cute and nice accessories like small gloves, sexy collars and more. So I decided to make it by myself. Every piece is currently a unique item.


Enjoy my little shop and give me a notice about your thoughts.

Lara Larsen